Fight for Election Integrity Now - Save Colorado & the GOP from Corrupt Democrats

"Republicans have lost every statewide election since open primaries became a reality. Why would we want Democrats, or left-wing unaffiliated voters, to have a hand in choosing our nominees? If you want to help choose the Republican nominee, then become a Republican."

- Rep. Dave Williams

  • The establishment media and radical Democrats refuse to acknowledge the growing evidence of election fraud uncovered by independent investigators across the country.

  • Corrupt Democrats like Secretary of State Jena Griswold are doing everything they can to block audits of our elections.

  • The first step toward securing our elections is to opt-out of the rigged open primary election system that is controlled by dishonest Democrats.

  • Stop the "Circular Firing Squad" behavior in our nominations. Money normally used in the rigged open primary to pit Republicans against each other could be used to fight Democrats instead.

  • Colorado Republicans have lost every statewide election since socialist Democrats allowed their leftwing unaffliated voters to particpate in our primary elections.

  • On Septmeber 18, 2021, the Colorado GOP has the opportunity to opt out of Colorado's open primary. Currently, extreme Democrats use leftwing unaffiliated voters to unfairly influence our primary elections, and the Colorado GOP continues to lose as a result.

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