Call To Action & Welcome

Thank you for visiting to find out more about why the Colorado Republican Party should opt out of the rigged open primary election system that Democrats currently control.

Republicans have lost every statewide election race since the adoption of open primaries in Colorado. We need to change course now or we will continue to lose in 2022 and beyond.

On September 18, 2021, the Colorado Republican State Central Committee will be asked to vote on a proposal to not paricipate in the open primary for June of 2022. According to state law, any political party can choose to opt out of the open primary and not allow unaffiliated voters to have a hand in selecting Republican nominees.

All Republicans should want to opt out of this rigged system that allows for corrupt Democrats and leftwing unaffiliated voters to have a hand in picking our party nominees. If you want to help select our eventual nominee, then you should join the team and affiliate as a Republican.

What's more concerning is that we can have no real confidence in the election system because corrupt Democrats, who've been proven to cheat, currently control and administer the election process.

Do you trust corrupt Democrat Secretary of State Jena Griswold to run an honest and fair election?

We especially don't trust Secretary Griswold now that she illegally implemented so-called "emergency" rules to block independent audits of our elections in Colorado. It's clear radical Democrats have something to hide.

With that said, we still need to identify, train, and support Republican candidates. We still need to prepare for 2022 and work toward election victory as we fight for election integrity.

At the end of the day, the best first step to fielding true principled Republican nominees, while ensuring election integrity, is to opt out of the current open primary system and administer the nominee election process ourselves.

We can only trust ourselves at this point and mostly everyone should agree that Republicans picking Republican nominees will make for better election outcomes.

By opting out of the open primary, our party will benefit by:

  • Having peace of mind that no dishonest Democrat had undue influence on the selection of our Republican nominees.

  • Knowing that only Republicans got to honestly choose their Republican nominees, and not leftwing unaffiliated voters.

  • Stopping the "Circular Firing Squad" behavior and ensuring that money normally used in the rigged open primary to pit Republicans against each other could be used to fight Democrats instead.

  • Preventing dark money and out-of-state groups from interfering in our nominee races in order to buy the election for the benefit of any special interest group. This move will incentivize all Republican candidates to get to know the grassroots and base of our party.

  • Allowing our nominees to be selected sooner than Democrats so our candidates will have a jump start on campaigning to general election voters.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this important issue and we hope you join us in taking back our party and our state for the benefit of all Coloradans.


Election Integrity Fight Team