Fight for Election Integrity Now - Save Colorado & the GOP from Corrupt Democrats

Q&A with Rep. Dave Williams

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"Republicans have lost every statewide election since open primaries became a reality. Why would we want Democrats, or leftwing unaffiliated voters, to have a hand in choosing our nominees? If you want to help choose the Republican nominee, then become a Republican."

- Rep. Dave Williams

Election Integrity Question:

Does Colorado have the "gold standard" for elections?

Rep. Dave Williams Answer:

No honest person can answer "yes" with a straight face.

From ballots being cast by dead people to unethical ballot harvesting, it's clear the only people who want to convince you about this false claim are corrupt Democrats and establishment insiders from both parties.

Election Integrity Question:

What are a few steps Republicans can take to fight for election integrity?

Rep. Dave Williams Answer:

First, hold your elected officials accountable on this issue.

You need to especially demand that the District Attorney and County Clerk that serve you, investigate and proscute all fraud that is brought to their attention. For example, a group I'm working with (Colorado Accountability Project) recently uncovered serval thousands of ballots cast by dead people across the state during the 2020 cycle. At a minimum, a County Clerk should be working to remove those names from the voter rolls.

Second, push your County Clerk to stop using Dominion Voting Systems. We can't trust them, and areas like Douglas County have shown that we have other options to tally votes.

Third, even though we can't trust the current election system that dishonest Democrats administer, we still need to prepare for 2022 by finding, training, and electing good candidates from our Republican Party.

The best first step is to opt out of the rigged election that corrupt Democrat Jena Griswold currently controls. I certainly don't want her or unaffliated voters putting their thumb on the scale when we choose our party nominees.

Election Integrity Question:

How would we choose Republican nominees if we opted out of the open primary?

Rep. Dave Williams Answer:

We would choose our nominees on our own without undue influence from unethical Democrats and their leftwing unaffiliated allies.

Through the grassroots caucus and assembly process that respects the "one person, one vote" value we hold dear as Republicans, our nominees would be selected through an honest, open, and fair system where we would be administering our own balloting and vote counting processes free from untrustworthy practices employed by cheating Democrats.

Election Integrity Question:

Yeah, but what does that exactly look like?

Rep. Dave Williams Answer:

State law requires that we choose our nominees through the caucus and assembly process if we opt out.

However, Republicans would get to create whatever rules we wanted for the caucus and assembly. So we could simply apply current practices for how we run caucuses and assemblies across the state, or we could change rules to expand voting opportunities to a larger population while pushing out election dates for additional time to run an updated nomination process.

In other words, it's up to us.

Election Integrity Question:

Do Democrats actually rig elections, and have they corrupted our nomination elections before?

Rep. Dave Williams Answer:

Of course! Even the most establishment RINO has to admit that Democrats have cheated to win. That's easily verifiable just by looking at the ballot harvesting problem or the voter roll issues we have where ineligble people receive ballots. Beyond that, more evidence is coming out in Arizonia, Georgia, and Pennsylvania that should concern everyone.

With Secretary of State Jena Griswold illegally creating so-called "emergency" rules to prevent election audits in Colorado, it's pretty clear that deceptive Democrats have something to hide.

Yes. Aside from the fraud or illegally counted votes, major Democrat donors, like leftwing billionaire Kathryn Murdoch, dropped millions of dollars into our Republican primaries to prevent the true conservative candidates from being nominated. This is easliy verifiable through filed campaign finance disclosures from past elections.

Election Integrity Question:

Is it an issue if candidates seek out nominations through the caucus and assembly process?

Rep. Dave Williams Answer:

Only for establishment RINOs who speak out of both sides of their mouths while trying to buy their election victory through corrupt dark money practices.

Establisment insiders who complain about this are worried that they would have to face actual Republican voters up close and personal.

Their candidates hate the caucus and assembly because grassroots Republicans can actually get a hold of them to ask the tough questions. Instead, they prefer to buy their access to the ballot by hiring out-of-state petition circulators in order to bypass informed Republicans. Once they buy enough signatures, they go back to their big-money donors and funnel more dark money into organizations that attack fellow Republican candidates so they can win a typical June primary election.

Election Integrity Question:

What are the other benefits of opting out of an open primary?

Rep. Dave Williams Answer:

Aside from ensuring that our nomination election was honest and fair while being free from a rigged or stolen election by socialist Democrats, Republicans nominees would be chosen only by Republican voters and not leftwing unafflilated voters.

As stated before, Republicans have lost every statewide election since open primaries became a reality. Why would we want Democrats, or leftwing unaffiliated voters, to have a hand in choosing our nominees? If you want to help choose the Republican nominee, then become a Republican.

Additionally, candidates would be incentivized to get to know voters rather than buy their election victory through dishonest mudslinging. Our internal party fights would be handled within the family so to speak, and it would limit the extent to which political attacks against each other are advertised to Democrats or the general public.

We could also select our nominees sooner than Democrats while allowing our candidates to have a jump start on campaigning to persuadeable swing voters. Getting our nominees introduced first to the general election voter would be impactful and increase our chances of winning in November.