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Post from Hispanic GOP Chair Hugo Chavez-Rey

From Hugo Chavez to State Party Members

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If you are an SCC member, as I am, you have been inundated by pleas from people who purport to be "defending" the right to vote. Does this sound a little bit familiar to you? Well, it should because that has been the battle cry from the left for as long as I can remember.

The folks who are pleading with SCC members to vote no on the Primary Opt-Out Vote on September 18th are using left-wing propaganda tricks to confuse and convince the SCC voters that it will mean the end of the Republican party as we know it.

One such email that I'm sure you've all received is from an immigrant who claims that opting out is tantamount to what took place in Castro's Cuba over 60 years ago. A Cuban "power grab" is what the email states. How desperate does that sound?

The problem is first of all with the unconstitutional law which allows outsiders to vote in Republican primaries, for the sole purpose of electing weak candidates who will either lose to the Democrat, or to elect a weak Republican (RINO) so they will vote with Democrats on key issues.

All you have to do is follow the money. You've heard that before haven't you? Rush Limbaugh shouted it from the mountaintops for over 30 years. Because when you follow the money, you get to the root cause of a movement or project.

Take a look at who was behind Prop 107 & 108 that resulted in open primaries in Colorado. Look up Katherine Murdoch and Robert Margolis. They are two of the uber wealthy Democrat donors, along with George Soros, who fund anything and everything that will harm the Republican party. Their ultimate goal? Annihilation of the Republican party. And that's no hyperbole. It's a fact. Conservatism is their mortal enemy.

If that is what you want, then by all means vote no on September 18th. But you've got to ask yourself just one question first. Why are so many high ranking Colorado Republicans so adamant about not defeating an unconstitutional law to begin with? What's in it for them?

Figure that out and you will learn why so many have moved away to another state, and why so many who have remained have unaffiliated themselves from the Colorado GOP.

But if you want to send a strong message to the State GOP, and the Democrats, then VOTE YES on September 18th. It will shock the senses of Republicans everywhere. The future of the Colorado GOP hangs in the balance.

See you on the 18th in Pueblo!